Monday, June 17, 2013

A R D E L Y A ' S | contest

Hollaaaa my readers....

Ardelya - a leading Indonesian moslem fashion accessories which producing beautiful and elegant products held a wedding hijab style competition in May 2013. The requirement was quite simple....just send the pic of your wedding hijab style with some Ardelya's accessories on it.
Actually I really love Ardelya's products and have been their customer for a year. They created some accessories which allowing you to experiment and apply them in many ways, no definitely could improve your creativity :) 

And voilaaaa....I won the competition...yippieeeee...never crossed in my mind at all :) (btw I sent my client's pic for the competition...not mine :p). is the pic then:

So here are some gifts that were sent to me, they called them Vonee's Gift-Set......
What's inside Vonee's Gift-Set?

Let's take a look....
1. Pink Shawl
2. Magnet Scarf in Silver
3. DVD of Hijab Tutorial
4. Brochures
5. Hijab Tutorial
Pretty Glittery Shawl in pink :)

Thank you so much Ardelya...thank you so much Vonny :) ... *muach...muach*


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