Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Office Look

Hola my beautiful readers :)

Today I'm gonna show you a really super quick and easy makeup, named Simple Office Look. You could use it either for daily or for work. 

Since my model has really great skin, so I didn't apply too much makeup in order to expose her natural beauty...that's why I just apply loose powder without any base at all.

So here it is....

The products that I use....

I use Maybelline eyeshadow both for eyebrows and eyelids.. and also concealer both are in the center of face and undereye....

and....the secret weapon... :)

I use it for finishing touch....after loose powder applied... :)


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today's Eyebrows Tips

Hiii... :)
My today’s tips is about how to shape your eyebrows. 
As you know that eyebrows are the focal point of your face, people said that they are the frame of your face. I’d prefer to keep the natural shape of eyebrows, rather than tweezing and trimming them which are only sacrificing their natural appearances (except for the "extreme" case). That's why I always avoid to use either “too thin” black pencil or “overly bushy” eyebrows.

so here they are my eyebrows kit:

Now, let us draw :)
  • First of all, make a visualization in your mind what kind of eyebrows shape that will fit in with your face, adjusted with your natural shape of course. The pictures below can be used as a reference:
1. Position your brush handle vertically against the side of nose, make sure it meets the brows. That's the first tip of brows that you should draw. 

2. Move your brush handle diagonally across the outer half of eyes iris, the peak position of your brows arch is when your brush handle meets the brows.  

3. Place your brush handle against the side of your nose again, then extend it diagonally to the outer corner of eye. When it meets the brows, that means it's the end of your brows line.

  • Then define your browse! use a small stiff angled brush for filling in the blank spaces of your brows by applying The Body Shop Eyebrow Kit or PAC Brown Eyeshadow. Remember to use short, feathery, hairlike strokes angled with the same direction as the hairs growth to create natural brow hairs.  
  • Define the outer edge of your brows by using MAC / PAC Brown Eyebrows Pencil.
  • Smudge the eyebrows color by using brow brush to soften and blend the color beautifully
  • As a finishing touch, you could also use bronze mascara (I use Indonesian local brand: Moors) to keep your brows stay in place  
  • This is my tips for you: choose the eyebrows color that one or two shade lighter than your natural hair color, remember...younger color creates younger look :) For Asian women in common, I'd prefer to use brown color rather than the black one. So how 'bout if you already have really dark and thick eyebrows? you could soften them with gold or orange colors.
  • Some fine / unwanted hair outside your "new" eyebrows can be camouflaged with white eyeshadow / highlighter 

Happy Trying ^^


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Special Promo ^^

Hola my beautiful readers :) 

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LAURA MERCIER shimmer bloc | R E V I E W

"Today, my Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Golden Mosaic has arrived and I'd like to review :)"

I was drooling when I first saw it at my favorite cosmetics online shop but still hesitate to buy. Especially since most of my cosmetic collections are in bronzy shades and finally (again and again) I buy this gold bronzy shade product. Never is only go get your happiness girls :) hehehe....ok here is the review....

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc is a multi-use product with unique baked formula, you could use it either individually as an eyeshadow or altogether as a bronzer and highlighter. Super fun! coz you could play and experiment with it. Many functions in just one package, quite versatile! 

It consists of four different shades of powders from gilded gold to burnished bronze that adds glow to your eyes and face but doesn't exaggerate fine lines. You just need to apply it effortlessly to your lids, cheek and face for a great result. For you who have active acne and big pores, it tends to highlight them more. So I avoid using it on my T-Zone which gets the most oily during the day and therefore often has the most acne. Don't could still use this product as a shimmery eyeshadow.

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc comes with a dark compact packaging, small mirror inside and no applicator included. Doesn't matter, I've never used the applicator anyway. So far, I'm satisfied with the product.

- Beautiful and natural colors
- Easily blended
- Shimmery but not glittery
- Last for a long time
- Multi-use
- Brighten eyes, cheeks, and body
- Worth a try 
- Not easily broke (I've dropped it many times)

- (I buy) small packaging
- No brush / applicator included
- A little pricey
- Shimmery bronzer (I prefer the matte one)
- Highlight big pores and acne