Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Favorite Makeup Brushes | R E V I E W

Dear all,

Doing makeup is just like painting, you need good brushes and canvas to create a good creation. When I was in high school, I like drawing and painting. I found out by experience that when I used better tools then I usually created better result. It’s logical, since higher quality tools bring you smoother, more precise and better control result that can boost your mood to experiment...that’s why I can say that the better brushes you use, the better result you create. Higher quality product usually followed by higher price but I can’t guarantee all that is true. Sometimes I find affordable products that are also great! 

Figuring out which makeup brushes you need is also important since there are so many shapes and sizes of brushes out there. I used to buy makeup brushes kit, but lately I realize that sometimes I don’t need some of them in my kit, they're totally becoming useless. Otherwise the makeup brushes that I really need most often aren’t included in the kit (such as: pencil brush and crease brush). So I prefer to buy them individually from any brands.

Some people say that good brushes are made from natural materials, such as ponytail and goat hair. I wish I could find the other similar materials that aren’t from animal :(. IMHO for blush on/contouring you need a firmer fibers brush (such as made from ponytail) to make the colors more visible and for eyeshadow you need a softer fibers brush (made from goat hair) to make it easier blended. For foundation / concealer / eyebrow brushes, they’re usually made from synthetic materials. 

Here is my list of the top makeup brushes I think I should own, along with the correct and proper ways how to use them. [well although I own them but I use them for my clients, you acne prone oily skin makes me cannot wear any makeups :( ].

My Most Favorite Makeup Brushes

So here they are in detail......

1. Kabuki Brush from The Body Shop
The Kabuki brush is perfect for applying powder on your face. Sprinkle a small amount of your loose powder / mineral powder to the lid of the jar, then swirl your kabuki brush into the powder. Tap off the excess powder, sweep the brush onto your face and blend the product into your skin with circular motion.

2. Fan Brush from ummmhhh...I forget the brand :)
I usually use this to sweep of fallen eyeshadow or excess powder....especially the area under your eye....

3. Contour Brush from Artistry
I usually use this brush to make shading and contouring onto my client's face, especially for the cheek area.

4. Small Foundation Brush from Oriflame
Although this is a foundation brush but I like to use it for making a contouring on nose, a definitely small and stiff brush which is perfect for "a nose job"
Medium Foundation Brush from Artistry
I usually use it for applying foundation on face

5. Blusher Brush from The Body Shop
I use this brush to apply blush on. Before applying the blush on, I usually do the cheek and face contouring first

6. Blender Brush from The Body Shop
This brush has power to: harmoniously blend lighter eyeshadow on eyelid and darker eyeshadow on crease; highlight your eyebone with lightest eyeshadow; and blend out any harsh lines/edges (three in a row). Blender brush is a great tool to make your eyeshadow looks natural and create soft edges without wiping away color.

7. Medium Pencil Brush from Make Up Show
This medium pencil brush has a soft and medium taper pencil tip. It's a versatile brush which functions to apply darker eyeshadow along the crease and outer V, and to smudge/soften pencil liner along the top lash lines. 

8. Small Pencil Brush from Sephora
This small pencil brush has a soft and small taper pencil tip. It's a versatile brush which functions to smudge/soften pencil liner along the lower lash lines, to line the eyes and to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. 

9. Eyeshadow Brush from Artistry
This flat and soft brush is to apply and build intense color of eyeshadow on your eyelid

10. Medium Crease Brush from Make Up Show
This medium taper crease brush is used for your crease and outer V eyecolors. Suitable for those who have big eyes. Btw...crease is an area between the end of your eyeball and before your eyebone starts. Since its size is similar to blending brush, sometimes I also use it as blending and highlighting brush for eyes area.
Small Crease Brush from Make Up Show 
This small taper crease brush is used for crease and outer V eyecolors. Suitable for those who have small eyes. Due to the small size, makes its function is almost similar to small pencil brush. You can also use it to smudge/soften/line your lash line.

11. Eyebrow Brush from uummmmhhh... I forget the brand :)
The angled tip of eyebrow brush is great for defining and filling in the brows

12. Small and Medium Lip Brushes from Artistry
These lip brushes are great for defining and filling in your lips.

"Now it's time for you having fun with your own makeup brushes and don't forget to clean them once a week if you use it personally :)"

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home Remedies for Acne Treatment

Having tired of seeing the dermatologist from one to another and none does the progress show at all, so I decide to go back to nature. I get my acne problems every once a month during my period (and the polluted air of Jakarta has made my acne problems worse). The doctors said that my acne problems due to hormonal imbalance, so my acne won’t be recovered until I get my menopause (whatttt theee....???). Actually there’s one medicine that really works out for my acnes (and other people definitely), named Accutane – kind of oral medication. My excess oil and acnes on face are instantly disappear at a time, but if you plan to have pregnancy ahead, Accutane isn’t really recommended. It can cause fetal defects, other literatures said that it can cause depression as well. Otherwise Accutane is still the best choice for people with severe acne problems that have already given up with other common medications.

Lately I have read many literatures about home remedies for acne treatment, why not to try them? Who knows they work out....

So let’s go cooking :) 
Here are the ingredients, you can use them either alone or just mix them as you want: 
1. Oatmeal
2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)  
3. Organic Lemon  
4. Organic White Egg (don’t use the yellow one)

Mask 1 -> Oatmeal

Mask 2 -> EVOO & White Egg

Mask 3 -> White Egg & Lemon

Mask 4 -> Oatmeal & Lemon

Mask 5 -> EVOO & Lemon

Mask 6 -> Oatmeal & EVVO & Lemon

Just make your own creation of home remedies :). Since they’re natural ingredients, I believe they won’t cause any side effects except longer time for the result. Happy trying ^^


Concealer | R E V I E W

Dear All, 

Besides foundation, concealer also takes an important part in makeover to create a stunning look. It can cover any imperfections on your skin, such as: dark circle around the eye, blemishes, under-eye puffiness, broken veins and eyelid.  A good quality concealer formula is not too thick, not too dry and not too oily. Theory says that it’s best to apply the concealer first then your foundation. But in practice, I like to apply the foundation first then the concealer.

When choosing the concealer color for dark circle and under-eye puffiness, you might need one or two shades lighter than your foundi since you want to lighten something dark. But for covering blemishes and broken veins, you might need a concealer color that matches your skin exactly. Remember! your blemishes and broken veins will look larger by using lighter concealer. For eyelid it’s up to you but I prefer to use lighter concealer. Lighter eyelid brings you more freedom to use any eyeshadow colors.

For concealing either the dark circle around the eye or under-eye puffiness, I prefer to apply the concealer with my finger tip, use your ring finger that has least pressure (actually you can also use a sponge for applying it). Just tap the concealer on smoothly and never wipe it on since the eye area is so delicate that easily creates wrinkles and fine lines, then blend it in for natural look. Don’t forget to take a thin layer of concealer, because the thick one only makes your existing wrinkles or fine lines appear. Another way to prevent your wrinkles and fine lines appears is by applying an eyebase / eyecream first to prepare a smooth skin. The steps are: eyebase / eyecream -> foundation -> concealer or eyebase / eyecream -> concealer.

For concealing the blemishes and broken veins, I usually use a concealer brush. This is a small area and that’s why you need a tool that can precisely cover it, then blend it smoothly. If the dark spot still shows through, you may reapply the concealer and again don't forget to blend the edge to diminish the harsh one. For any discolorations on your skin that are difficult to cover, you may use stick concealer which is usually giving greater coverage.

So have fun with your concealer :) 

Cheers, Ari