Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home Remedies for Acne Treatment

Having tired of seeing the dermatologist from one to another and none does the progress show at all, so I decide to go back to nature. I get my acne problems every once a month during my period (and the polluted air of Jakarta has made my acne problems worse). The doctors said that my acne problems due to hormonal imbalance, so my acne won’t be recovered until I get my menopause (whatttt theee....???). Actually there’s one medicine that really works out for my acnes (and other people definitely), named Accutane – kind of oral medication. My excess oil and acnes on face are instantly disappear at a time, but if you plan to have pregnancy ahead, Accutane isn’t really recommended. It can cause fetal defects, other literatures said that it can cause depression as well. Otherwise Accutane is still the best choice for people with severe acne problems that have already given up with other common medications.

Lately I have read many literatures about home remedies for acne treatment, why not to try them? Who knows they work out....

So let’s go cooking :) 
Here are the ingredients, you can use them either alone or just mix them as you want: 
1. Oatmeal
2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)  
3. Organic Lemon  
4. Organic White Egg (don’t use the yellow one)

Mask 1 -> Oatmeal

Mask 2 -> EVOO & White Egg

Mask 3 -> White Egg & Lemon

Mask 4 -> Oatmeal & Lemon

Mask 5 -> EVOO & Lemon

Mask 6 -> Oatmeal & EVVO & Lemon

Just make your own creation of home remedies :). Since they’re natural ingredients, I believe they won’t cause any side effects except longer time for the result. Happy trying ^^


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