Thursday, March 14, 2013

Concealer | R E V I E W

Dear All, 

Besides foundation, concealer also takes an important part in makeover to create a stunning look. It can cover any imperfections on your skin, such as: dark circle around the eye, blemishes, under-eye puffiness, broken veins and eyelid.  A good quality concealer formula is not too thick, not too dry and not too oily. Theory says that it’s best to apply the concealer first then your foundation. But in practice, I like to apply the foundation first then the concealer.

When choosing the concealer color for dark circle and under-eye puffiness, you might need one or two shades lighter than your foundi since you want to lighten something dark. But for covering blemishes and broken veins, you might need a concealer color that matches your skin exactly. Remember! your blemishes and broken veins will look larger by using lighter concealer. For eyelid it’s up to you but I prefer to use lighter concealer. Lighter eyelid brings you more freedom to use any eyeshadow colors.

For concealing either the dark circle around the eye or under-eye puffiness, I prefer to apply the concealer with my finger tip, use your ring finger that has least pressure (actually you can also use a sponge for applying it). Just tap the concealer on smoothly and never wipe it on since the eye area is so delicate that easily creates wrinkles and fine lines, then blend it in for natural look. Don’t forget to take a thin layer of concealer, because the thick one only makes your existing wrinkles or fine lines appear. Another way to prevent your wrinkles and fine lines appears is by applying an eyebase / eyecream first to prepare a smooth skin. The steps are: eyebase / eyecream -> foundation -> concealer or eyebase / eyecream -> concealer.

For concealing the blemishes and broken veins, I usually use a concealer brush. This is a small area and that’s why you need a tool that can precisely cover it, then blend it smoothly. If the dark spot still shows through, you may reapply the concealer and again don't forget to blend the edge to diminish the harsh one. For any discolorations on your skin that are difficult to cover, you may use stick concealer which is usually giving greater coverage.

So have fun with your concealer :) 

Cheers, Ari

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