Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple Office Look

Hola my beautiful readers :)

Today I'm gonna show you a really super quick and easy makeup, named Simple Office Look. You could use it either for daily or for work. 

Since my model has really great skin, so I didn't apply too much makeup in order to expose her natural beauty...that's why I just apply loose powder without any base at all.

So here it is....

The products that I use....

I use Maybelline eyeshadow both for eyebrows and eyelids.. and also concealer both are in the center of face and undereye....

and....the secret weapon... :)

I use it for finishing touch....after loose powder applied... :)



  1. Natural banget ya mbak.. Ga keliatan make up tp terlihat cerah... Manteb nih.. Pengen belajar yang ini.. ^^

  2. Hayu kapan mau dimakeover di kantor? biar bs tau tipsnya? :)

    1. Cari waktu yang tepat yaaa..

      Assyyiikk seneng banget deh.. Udah ga sabar nih dapet waktu yang pas... Semoga segera ya mbak ^^

      Nanti langsung aku upload di blog nih mumpung keliatan cantik.. hahahha