Monday, January 14, 2013

M A K E U P | Addict

Hiiii ladiessss....

I really like and enjoy to do makeover right now (I prefer to put makeup on others rather than on me, since I have very acne prone oily skin). Well actually I just found out the excitement of doing it about 3 years ago. Never imagined before...not even crossed in my mind. When I was in college, none of those makeup kits I even had, not even a lipstick, neither a blush on.

Having studied in a technical institute, trapped among men rather than women, requiring you not to put too much makeup. No makeup-makeup style was definitely becoming your daily look. At that time it was BIG NO if you appeared or came up with those blushing cheek, shading & contouring here and there, shiny lips, smokey eyes and so on. I don't understand why our friends (guys-note) in college looked cynical to women with makeup ( sorry guyss...)

Lately after entering the career world, I realize that good appearance is quite important besides competencies and soft skills. By treating our self well, we learn to respect our self honorably. How could we respect others while we couldn't respect ours? Good appearance isn't always meant with heavy makeup and eye-catchy clothing...but simply only with bright & fresh look, proper and natural makeup, and mix-match clothes, etc...

Let's go back to my earlier story, why I became so passionate with all those makeup things. It was in 2010 when I had a disaster during my wedding day, the bride-makeup disaster to be exact. It was my fault...I lived in Jakarta and the wed-party was held in Bandung. I didn't do the makeup test, I even didn't know who would become my makeup artist. I fully trusted all the wedding things to an EO and my father insisted that we had to choose that (damn)  EO. So now you find out why this disaster happened? :) The EO did their job terribly, I had to spend a lot of money for them and it didn't equal at all with the messy outcomes (thanks God, the catering and the MC were really great that saved me from that embarassing disaster).

I believe in everything that has happened, we can take some lessons from it - a causality, cause and effect, you name it. Without the disaster then I've never found out my truly passion (makeup). God gives us his sign not always in direct ways, yet it can be indirectly all the way through others, either hurting or pleasing us. One thing for sure, I always feel blessed for whatever I have since I believe every experience and event must have its own wisdom and enlightenment. Amen.

This is my pre-wed-pic which's much..much better than the wed itself :p

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