Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's Foundation Tips

Dear readers,

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The most important secret in every makeup to appear at its best and create stunning look is the foundation. Let's imagine ourself as a painter, to create beautiful drawings we should have perfect canvas or palette (besides the skill of course). For makeup, we should too. In this way foundation acts as a canvas for your makeup, that’s why you should have the perfect foundation application to generate ideal transformation.

Everyone needs different characteristic of foundation depending on her/his skin type, whether dry, oily, combination or normal. (Lucky you who have normal skin - please choose whatever kind of foundation you want...., unlike me who’s gifted with acne prone oily skin T_T). People with dry skin should choose an added hydration foundation, those with oily skin should choose an oil free one and for combination skin may choose the combination of both.

For the coverage (whether little, medium or full coverage) is depending on your need and occasion. For daily look, you may apply the least coverage of your foundation to generate natural look (don’t worry with the spotmark, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, may still cover it with the concealer after the foundation but remember ONLY apply on the problem areas.....unless create new skin problems). For special occasion such as bridal, party, prewed etc you’ll need full coverage of foundation and please...please... apply it evenly on your face. Just apply as much coverage as you actually need, not too much okay? :)

It’s very important to find your perfect shade match for the foundation color choice. A lot of the new generation IMPORTED foundations are darken immediately on the skin - commonly called oxidized, for the type of foundation as this...just make sure you choose a shade or two lighter than usual as your shade match, just try on the counter before you buy and observe the color change (usually Indonesian local brand foundations ARE NOT darken immediately on the skin compared with the import one, so please feel free to choose the shade that match your skintone for the local one :p). 

You can also do the stripe testing, just take and apply multiple shades of foundation on your skin to test if they match your skin tone and remember to match your neck as well. Foundation (we assume it’s NOT the foundation that’s darken immediately on skin) with a shade or two lighter than your skin tone can be used as a highlight and the contrary - a shade or two darker of your usual shade can be used as a shading (I’ll explain it later on another post).

Foundation formulas consist of:

- Liquid foundation
Most common used and usually gives medium coverage, applied with foundation brush or sponge (it's the most suitable for me, I’d like to use the liquid one with water based and oil free formula)

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Oriflame Foundation Brush
- Cream
Comes in both stick and compact forms, medium to full coverage, applied with wet sponge (based on my experience, not suitable for oily and acne skin because the coverage is quite full)

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Compact Foundation - Pic Source: dazzlermakeupand
Gives you sheer coverage, somehow the application determines the coverage. Not suitable for dry skin. Applied with foundation brush, sponge or finger tip (I haven’t tried this one)
Mousse Foundation - Pic Source:
-Tinted moisturizer 
Gives you the sheerest coverage, a moisturizer with just a hint of color, applied with foundation brush/sponge/finger tip (I haven’t tried this one but I think it doesn’t fit in me)

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- Mineral powder 
This loose powder is very popular right now due to its convenience and sheer coverage, applied with kabuki brush (oupss....this one isn't really suitable for those with redness, spot, oil problems on the skin, the least coverage generates as you wear nothing - that only show your skin problem. People with Sandra Dewi skin - alike is definitely fit it :p)

Mineral Foundation
Taken in a hurry, quite blurred...sorry :)

Body Shop Kabuki Brush
-Compact powder 
The same as mineral powder but pressed into a compact, gives you sheer to more coverage depending on your need, applied with powder brush or sponge (not suitable for acne prone oily skin, because the full coverage can clog your pores and create skin problems)

Compact Powder - Pic Source:

Have you decided which foundation is the most suitable for your skin?

***PS: Sorry I didn't take all the pics by myself, some taken immediately...some grabbed from other webs with source names attached, since this post is written spontaneously in the office..oupss :p ***


  1. I like your foundation tips really it is very useful for me thank you so much.Make Up School In London

    1. Glad to know that my post is useful :) hopefully I could post other makeup tips

  2. Thanks for the tips. it will help me a lot since i put complicated make up almost everyday :)).

  3. Hahaha....I know you do....I think the liquid foundi will suit you, since it'll give flawless look....