Monday, August 19, 2013

SIMPLE EID | Makeup readers, 
How are you? .... just keep healthy and beautiful okay... :)

I just have had a long vacation for two weeks, so you'll find out now why rarely do I update my blog... *alibi* ..... Well, I and other muslim communities worldwide had just celebrated Idul Fitri (Eid al-Fitr) day - a muslim feast day. In this festive occasion, we return to our hometown to visit parents, family, relatives, neighbors, friends and other elders to ask for forgiveness.  

On the Idul Fitri day, we usually dress our new and best clothes to greet each other, regarding to this I'm gonna show you a Simple Eid Makeup. You also can use it either for daily or another occasion, beside for Idul Fitri day.   

So this is it....

Actually my client has hooded eyes which usually require scotch tape to improve the appearance of eyelid. For client with this type of monolid, I usually put scotch tape on. But I want to try another way how to improve them only with eyeshadows, using soft smokey eyes technique. 

For Eid Makeup I apply the concept of soft makeup and playing with the hijab creation as well, I think soft makeup will be the most appropriate, since we will meet the elders on this joyous day. So soft makeup is kinda representation of respecting them.

So guys...
I Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy Eid....
May the light that we celebrate at Eid, show us and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.


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  1. Seriusan mbak.. Hasilnya sangat mangklingi.. beda banget.. ^^ Sukses ya mbak...