Wednesday, August 28, 2013

W E D D I N G M A K E U P | Soft Colors VS Darker Colors


Today I'd like to show you a wedding makeup using two different color tones. Actually both of them are using the same wedding dress and accessories, the difference in each makeup is only on the color tones. Believe it or not, however it may change the whole look :)

Overall, I'd prefer to use achromatic colors just like usual. For the first makeup, I apply soft colors, such as: peach, nude pink, orange and gold which are suitable for the wedding ceremony event. While for the second one, I apply the same colors but with darker tones which are suitable for the wedding reception. Usually wedding reception requires more glamor appearance, so the use of darker colors is accepted.

Here they are.....

* * * Wedding Makeup with Soft Colors * * *

* * * Wedding Makeup with Darker Colors * * *

And.....this is the Eye Makeup in detail.....

Hopefully it may inspire you, with the simple can achieve the different nuance :)

ps: I just try the eyebrow pencil from Etude in dark brown, and it looks awesome (see the pic above). Luuuuvvvvvv it so much, not only easy to use but also great! I think, it's gonna be my "must-have" item list


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