Monday, September 2, 2013

Laskar Pelangi Documentation | Part 1 readers...

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As an Indonesian, I bet all of you have known the Laskar Pelangi novel or named The Rainbow Troops in English version. This novel has captured the heart of so many Indonesians and has been translated into 19 languages, not to mention also published in many countries. Besides Laskar Pelangi, there are other three amazing sequels of it: Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer), Edensor and Maryamah Karpov.

Belitung-born writer Andrea Hirata is an author of Laskar Pelangi, it's a half-fiction-moving story about poor students who are studying at the neglected village school on the island named Belitung. They guarded by caring and extraordinary teachers who have helped them pursuing their dreams. However at the end of story, the power of education can show us that it is the exact way to release them from the poverty, although not everybody has the chance for it. Laskar Pelangi has attracted audiences around the globe and has achieved some awards. It teaches us of never being afraid to dream, once you dare to dream, your mind will lead you to your destination. Never underestimate the power of hope, dream and mind....

So here are some documentations of the real school that portrayed in the Laskar Pelangi novel. This small school - once named Muhammadiyah Elementary School is located at Gantong village, Belitung......., nowadays it is not run anymore. Nearby from here, there's a replica of this school which is used to be visited by some tourists.

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