Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up


Suddenly my car air conditioner was broken yesterday, no time looking for repair shops, all were closed since yesterday was christmas (which means holiday). Along the Cipularang toll road, I had this very heavy raining and foggy day! Thanks God, I remembered some advices of my Malaysian's to keep your car windows from fogging up.

Foggy and freezy...bbbrrrrr.......
Actually there are three primary things to consider: how to prevent, reduce and remove it once it's there. Well...first of all, you can help prevent fogging by reducing the amount of moisture in the vehicle. Although some may still occur, you can still minimize it by drying out air inside the car. There another simple way as well to prevent your car windows from fogging up, just wiping the inner side of them with shampoo liquid (any brands)

Second, if you end up with foggy windows, most vehicles have defoggers that you can use. Last but not least, if these tips just don't work out then you decide to give up...well a dry towel may also be effective for wiping it away :) have a good day ^^



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  2. Well, be thankful that your car air conditioner broke down in winter. Imagine what stress it would’ve brought you if it happened during summer! Anyway, I hope your air conditioner is fixed by now.

    -Enoch Ross

  3. Well.....actually I live in Indonesia which is a tropical country. My city - Jakarta has (very) hot tropical climate with 31-33 degrees average temperature. So couldn't live without air conditioner. Thanks god it has already been repaired, tq ^^