Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today, I'd like to review some cosmetics in regard to pore treatment. Since I have very acne prone oily skin a.k.a big pores, so the pore treatment becomes really important. Okey here they are:

1. Anna Sui Pore Treatment Gel
I really like it especially the scent, it has fresh flower scent which could boost my mood. The texture is really soft and very-very not oily at all. I bought it about IDR 215.000 (15ml/0.5oz) at Plaza Indonesia. Once you put it on your skin, you can feel it becoming smoother, enlarged pores look more invisible as well and the most important! Both the makeup and the skin don’t look oily. It suits to be used before primer/moisturizer. Step by step makeup aplications are: pore treatment gel – moisturizer – primer – foundation (I always skip the moisturizer application for Special Event Makeup). This product is quite worth it, the only disadvantage is the expensive price compared with small packaging (that’s why I only use it for special occasion makeup and on the enlarged pore area only). The packaging design itself reminds me to 50's vintage cosmetic and it’s a tube! At least can prevent bacteria spread to the gel.

 The product claims
To give you doll-like skin for a better makeup effect.
If you can keep makeup fresh for longer, your daily makeup experience will be more fun. ANNA SUI PORE TREATMENT GEL is a skin care product that helps to give you skin doll-like and enhances the effect of your makeup.
A daytime essence for special use that diminishes the appearance of visible pores and makes the skin fine and smooth. It has an oil control effect and keeps makeup fresh for longer.

- Put a small amount on your finger tip, apply it and dab gently on affected areas such as around the nose before applying the makeup base
- Can be applied over makeup for touch-ups.

Anna Sui Pore Treatment Gel
Repurchase? Maybe, coz I start to fall in love with ACACI Matte Pore Primer, as I’ll explain later.

2. ACACI Matte Pore Primer
IMHO for those who have heavy enlarged pore+acne oily problems, this product really suits you. The application brings you really matte look and big pores look really invisible then. I got it recommended by my skin doctor. The packaging is also cute-vintage look. My skin doctor suggested me to use it daily before I apply sunblock and night cream, only on the big pores area. I've been using it for a month and not resulting any acne problems so far. I think the texture is unique, nonperfume, wax-alike. When you applying it then you’ll feel your face covered by a wax layer that resulted in smoother+more dewy skin+shrinked pore. The active ingredients are Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate and Salicylic Acid, as far as I know, the product contains silicon as well, maybe that's the answer how the wax-cover alike is generated. I bought it about IDR 149.000 (30g/1.06 fl,oz) at Wijaya Skin Center Margonda.  

The product claims
it’s a new pore-covering Primer that makes your skin very smooth, absorbing into your skin very softly without coming off the skin that the instant you rub the Product over your skin.  It covers pores and fine wrinkles, compensates red skin, suppresses sebum, reinforces holding force of makeup and pacifies skin problems.  

6 effects of the product: Fills up skin curves of pores or fine wrinkles and helps to be able to put on makeup, skin-pacifying ingredients help to protect skin around skin problem, it expresses your skin not to be dark for a long time and enhances sticking force of blemish balm cream or foundation, it’s ver silky balm formulation that does not come of the skin, you can feel it convenient, like not rubbing anything.

ACACI Matte Pore Primer

Repurchase? Definitely yes!

3. Loreal Best Magique – Transforming Smoothing Primer
For special occasion, this is a primer that I usually apply after the pore treatment gel/matte pore primer and before the foundation (since I often skip the moisturizer application for heavy makeup). The product says that it can be applied as a primer alone or under foundation. Loreal Best Magique is almost similar to Matte Pore Primer, gives you wax-cover alike. The difference between both...Loreal Best Magique is much harder to blend on the skin than the Matte Pore Primer. You have to follow a specific technique how to apply Loreal Best Magique as written on the packaging, here it is:
- Rub the velvet texture between your fingers to ease the spreading  
- Apply a thin layer over the face, especially focusing on areas with fine lines and visible pores.

By applying this, your makeup (especially foundation) will stay longer up to +/- 6 hours, even in a hot weather (based on my personal experience). The packaging is made from a glass jar not a tube :(, although the thick texture cream doesn’t easily fall out of the jar but our unhygienic finger tip can easily contaminate the content. I bought it about IDR 149.000 (15 ml) at Matahari Dept Store.  

The product claims:
Transforms your bare skin texture: the 1st smoothing primer* that makes your lines and pores invisible for a visible and touchable smoothness.
Sensational Velvet Texture.
A unique blend of silicon oils and soft light powders create a sensational smoothing velvet formula to refine the skin.
- Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
- Perfectly hides pores
- Skin imperfections are corrected.
The rosy shade brings out the transluency on the bare skin tone.

Loreal Best Magique Packaging
Loreal Best Magique Cream
Repurchase? Maybe, since  I want to try other brands’ primers.

Hopefully my review could help, especially for those who have "oil field" face like me. Who said that only normal-skin-people could look great on the party, we are - the "oil-field" face could do the same-with extra bigger efforts of course :)

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