Friday, December 21, 2012

MY WORKS OF ART | P a r t 1

I'm not a professional photographer, neither an expert one. I just like to have 
fun, take some pics n upload them. Experiencing either space or sequence and playing with both colors and composition. 

So here are some of my works of art in random orders and places. Obviously as a beginner, I still have to learn a lot! forgive me if there are some imperfections here and there (and they do actually), please enjoy.... ;p

PS: My fav pics are displayed larger, btw..uhmmm...why is the quality of the pics not as good as the source files?


Mamma Mia!

My Day is Gray

Not My Playground



Classic Meets Modern

In an Empty Street.....

Freezy Orange


Blue Lights

Ampera Bridge

Catchy Yellow

Clean Edge

Cedar Grove

Red Wall

White Sky

Plaza Athenee

Full Moon

Hidden Brook

From The Bottom

Square Blocks

Helicopter View

Empire State

It's snowy here......

Kuker Kessler

Let's Go Swimming...!

Pop Corn

Side By Side

Touch The Sky

Tuk Tuk

Uncle Sam's Flag

Vote for Who?

It's Complicated

Wake Up People!

 *Do Not Copy The Pictures Without Any Permission*

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