Monday, December 3, 2012

Welcome ^^

Dear Readers,

[sound of trumpet]

Welcome to my blog, is my premiere, all this time i only act as a silent reader on many blogs, forums and mailing lists, but lately their writings attract me to involve in the same activities as well.

I’m a young mother with one cute lovely lil’ boy - Athar Danish (he likes to kiss and hug me a lot). My recent activities are working, traveling, eating, doing some makeovers, reading, photography and playing with my lil’ one. To be exact, no more ambitious projects since I have him.

Well this blog will share everythings that  I like, I’m not a kind of person that focused only on one thing, I like to try some new things, new experiences, new skills, new atmospheres etc....

One thing for sure, this is the place where I can speak up my mind and ideas...hopefully we can share and transfer knowledge then...

Happy Reading ^^

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